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Be part of the research

By downloading the CovidSense app, you will donate data to the CovidSense study, towards the development of early COVID-19 detection tests. Available in UAE.

Get informed and provide electronic consent

Information about the CovidSense study is available immediately after installing the app. Learn and decide if you want to participate. In case you do, you can easily provide your consent electronically through the app.

Offer data by doing what you do everyday

The iPrognosis app records data from your everyday use of the smartphone, e.g., when talking on the phone or sending a text message. You don’t have to do anything extra.

Light operation. Efficient data upload

Less than 1% impact on battery life. Data recorded are pseudo-anonymised and uploaded securely on the Cloud when your phone is connected to Wi-Fi.

Choose what is being recorded

Through the settings of the app, you can modify what types of data are recorded at will.

Changed your mind? Withdraw at any time

Through the settings of the app, you can withdraw from the study at any time and even delete the data recorded so far.